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Anxiety Relief

Help free yourself from debilitating anxiety and worry

Melt Worry and Relax

Alleviate stress, anxiety, anger, and other unwanted and heavy emotions and feelings

Self Esteem

Conquer insecurities, journey through life with confidence.

Anne Jessica Steed LCSW

Devoted to your well-being.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the Chicagoland area of Illinois.  I have worked in multiple settings in behavioral/mental health including community counseling and schools.  I have a passion for teaching about anxieties and watching clients learn how to manage and tame those feelings that had previously been debilitating.   I also have unique experience as an advocate for individuals with disabilities and their families.

I want you to feel comfortable being yourself while in therapy.  You deserve to have a space where you can truly express yourself and your needs and know that you will not be judged.   In that light, I want you to know that I will genuinely be myself as well.  I am excited to have an opportunity to join you on this journey if you feel we are a good fit!  

Individual Tele-therapy


Life has a tendency to pull us in many different directions. Usually at the same time.Online counseling and therapy is the modern day solution to the traditional in-person counseling visits. Through online therapy, we can eliminate all the distractions and stressors associated with getting to an appointment. From the comfort of your home or office and surrounded by things familiar to you, we’re able to empower a safe and anxiety-free discussion to figure out what’s going on and more importantly, what are we going to do about it together.

Group Tele-Therapy


Group therapy can be a powerful way to heal; in fact, research has demonstrated that group therapy is as effective as individual therapy. Through groups, we realize we are not alone in our struggles, that other people – wonderful, talented and strong people – struggle just like us. Through observing others, we begin to see that our pain is not unique and we are more normal than we think. We learn to accept and provide support.


Why Peace Point Therapy?

“ I have Social Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder with agoraphobia and PTSD. AJ has been a huge help in learning how to manage my anxiety and not let it control me”
Sandra L.

Healing allows us to reclaim our power. It gives us the opportunity to fit the pieces back together in such a way so that we are stronger than ever before. Healing allows us to define ourselves as survivors, not as victims.

Peace Point Therapy

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